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About BTG

BTG was founded in 2016 by Licensed Professional Counselor and Educator, Quanesha Johnson. The idea of BTG was birthed out of the diverse experiences Quanesha had as a Classroom Teacher, School Counselor and Licensed Therapist. While crossing over the Brooklyn Bridge in 2016 she had an epiphany. “Bridging the gap” also known as BTG would be the name of the counseling and educational services practice she dreamed of. Quanesha realized that the “unbridged gap” is what caused disconnect in the classroom, community, home environment and counseling office. It is what caused internal and external struggles and interfered with people living optimally. Through therapeutic support and mental health and wellness education, BTG would help to close the gap.


BTG provides individual, couples, group and pre-marital counseling. Additionally, BTG provides educational consulting, workshops, trainings and  group empowerment sessions. Support and services provided by BTG address various topics under the umbrella of mental health and wellness.


My name is Quanesha Johnson and I am not only the Owner, but the Visionary for BTG Counseling & Educational Services, LLC. I am a Board Certified Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Pennsylvania and Mental Health and Wellness Educator. I received my Masters from NYU in Counseling and Certificate of Advanced Studies in Counseling from Chestnut Hill College.

I absolutely love how transformative therapy can be and I work diligently to stomp out mental health stigma (especially for communities of color). I am a rapport builder and work to provide the safest space for my clients. We work together because therapy is about collaboration. I am also extremely passionate about empowerment through education. When I am not providing one on one therapy or running groups, I can be found providing mental health and wellness sessions in corporate settings, colleges, high schools and other organizations.  

Outside of BTG, I enjoy spending time with my husband, two daughters, and son. As an avid runner, I can also be found lacing up my running sneakers to de-stress. Helping others is my life-long passion and I get great satisfaction in knowing that I did my part in helping improve someone's life.


Licensed Professional Counselor
National Certified Counselor 
Mental Health & Wellness Educator

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