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Book Quanesha To Speak

Licensed Therapist/Mental Health and Wellness Educator

Who is Quanesha?

Quanesha is a dynamic speaker with almost 20 years of experience in the fields of education and counseling. As a Licensed Therapist and Certified Teacher, she brings a unique and relatable experience to her audiences coupled with practical strategies to improve their well-being.  Whether it's the classroom,  the conference room, an elementary school or college setting, Quanesha is engaging, knowledgeable and focused on normalizing conversations on mental health and wellness for everyone.


Robyn Weaver, PA

"Her lessons are highly impactful, engaging, and the students LOVE her! I learn from her every time she presents. I highly recommend her services. She is professional, fun, relatable, and is an asset to any learning environment."


"Ms. Johnson was knowledgeable and committed to ensuring clients received respectful and professional care through a most difficult time. Her approach to addressing the stressors of those living in under-resourced communities is remarkable in that her recommendations were practical, realistic and immediately achievable."

Astrid Pena, PA

"She is a wonderful facilitator and an expert in her field of work! She is extremely resourceful for students, families, and her seasoned/future clients. If you are looking for quality based work from a psychology, social-emotional, counseling perspective from a black-owned business ..this is it!"


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